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Teaching is to stimulate the intention to study

金曜日, 2月 9th, 2018

Socrates created a midwifery technique called a question-and-answer method.

In this case, the mother can bear alone.

We can study the meaning by ourselves.

What is more important than anything is whether you have the will to study.

Teaching is to stimulate the intention to study

Boys, be ambitious!



Born self-Confidence by Knowing about Unknown

木曜日, 2月 8th, 2018

In Mituwo’s Words,

「一生燃焼 一生感動 一生不悟 英語」の画像検索結果

Passion in ALL one’s Life

Impression in All one’s Life

By Knowing about Unknown in All one’s Life

It was said more simple by Mituwo.

Study in ALL one’s Life

Youth in ALL one’s Life



through our Unknown about unknown it,

we take it as gospel.

Once we are bent on it.

The Teaching and  Mission be started  in ALL one’s Life.

But  it is a great mistake.


When we know as unknown it.

Our all life can start again like youth

with Passion and Impression.

As that is Study not to teach.


We can have self-confidence  in such feeling situation.


Having confidence

火曜日, 2月 6th, 2018

Having confidence


I make that it is not made one’s personality.

Freedom of the inconvenience

Like intellect of the ignorance

The ignorance is the best solution


I enjoy loneliness elegantly


「Having confidence」の画像検索結果

Confidence is such Art world.



Confidence to walk on the Way of Nature



Confidence is…..


……without believe others


How much is your confidence level?

「Having confidence」の画像検索結果


How to get your confidence?

You can get by peer learning without any power.


In the present net society
BY video meetings such as “ZOOM” are soft
It can be realized.

「zoom meetings」の画像検索結果

When the disabeled becomes the personality…

月曜日, 2月 5th, 2018

When knew that could not walk throughout the life;



He accept the disabled


He come across a dance, and he dose it,
The disabled becomes the personality,
Other people cannot do it.

Out of his confidence
The life challenge of new Kenta Kanbara has begun.

The front and back of the coin

月曜日, 2月 5th, 2018

Here is a key fighting successfully through market competition.

Let’s wish for Economy without wish for Moneymaking
on the Happy Road,

Don’t win,Don’t lose,Do win oneself !