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When the disabeled becomes the personality…

月曜日, 2月 5th, 2018

When knew that could not walk throughout the life;



He accept the disabled


He come across a dance, and he dose it,
The disabled becomes the personality,
Other people cannot do it.

Out of his confidence
The life challenge of new Kenta Kanbara has begun.

The front and back of the coin

月曜日, 2月 5th, 2018

Here is a key fighting successfully through market competition.

Let’s wish for Economy without wish for Moneymaking
on the Happy Road,

Don’t win,Don’t lose,Do win oneself !


Three wishes of Yosaku

月曜日, 2月 5th, 2018

1.Three wishes of Yosaku


2.The Three Promises of Yosaku


3.Blind(covered eyes) men and an elephant