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月曜日, 2月 22nd, 2021


The opposite of the unconscious


What is consciousness?

  • 国語辞典では知覚・自覚。仏語では、対象を五感総括して判断し分別する心の働き(いわば、自分の関心対象を知覚し、そして鏡を見るごとく自覚する)
  • 無意識とは知覚自覚なしに勝手に心身の生命維持活動である
  • 氷山を自分の心身脳の生命に譬えれば、同じ水からなる自然から自分の命は生まれ、自然に帰っていく自分の姿に観えてくる
  • 社会は氷山のような自我をもった人の群れと言えそうだ

• Perception / awareness in some dictionary. In Buddhism, the work of the mind to judge and discriminate objects by summarizing the five senses (so to speak, perceive the object of interest and realize it as if looking in the mirror)
• Unconsciousness is a life-supporting activity of mind and body without perceptual awareness.
• If you think of an iceberg as the life of your mind, body, and brain, you can see your life coming from nature, which is made up of the same water, and returning to nature.
• Society seems to be a group of people with an ego like an iceberg


Subjective and objective

  • 意識対象を観るときの自分自身が主観
  • 意識対象から自分を観る想像が客観
  • 無意識とは対象と自分が同一で分化していない状態
  • 意識対象とのコミュニケーション・観察で自覚形成される

• Being subjective when looking at the conscious object
• The imagination of seeing yourself from the conscious object is objective
• Unconscious is a state in which the subject and oneself are the same and not differentiated.
• Awareness is formed by communication and observation with the conscious object


The world and myself

  • 意識対象が世界・社会になると変わっていく自覚
  • 自分の経験・学習・知識で世界・社会が変わって観えてくる
  • 無意識下では世界と自分は同一で分化していなく、命の生死の世界の流れだけがある
  • Awareness that changes when the object of consciousness becomes the world or society
  • You can see the world and society change with your own experience, learning, and knowledge.
  • Under the unconscious, the world and myself are the same and not differentiated, only the flow of the world of life and death


Consciousness and quantum

  • 命より意識・無意識が生まれる
  • 命は自然(宇宙・地球・原子)から生まれる
  • ならば、自然の最小単位量子が命の最小単位意識だとしたら
  • 意識を光の波として生と死と生死の情報で世界を無限に描くことができる
  • Consciousness and unconsciousness are born from life
  • Life is born from nature (universe, earth, atoms)
  • Then, if the smallest unit quantum of nature is the smallest unit consciousness of life
  • With consciousness as a wave of light, the world can be drawn infinitely with information on life, death, and life and death.


We can create the world and ourselves in any way with our consciousness