War and Bushido


War and Samurai heart


Around 100 years ago from World War I (1914-18), 1000 German soldiers who were enemies of Japan were captured in the Naruto of Tokushima.


Director Matsue Director of the POW camp was in contact with prisoners of war with the following belief.


“Prisoners are not criminals, they fought well for their country, so I want to treat them with the mercy of samurai”

それが、100年にわたって、捕虜の子孫と、鳴門市民の子孫とが ベートーヴェンの第九交響曲でつながっている。

For over 100 years, descendants of captives and Naruto citizens ‘descendants are connected by Beethoven’ s ninth symphony.


“Your magical powers will join together again when the times are separated”


Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution also preaches the road to peace and understanding that abandons war and first strike, born from Bushido.


When there is an unexpected war, what kind of belief we deal with, we decide whether love or hatred is handed down to the descendants.


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